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Mountain West Church Mountain West Church Staff

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Mountain West Church current Staff members.
Mountain West Church 4818 Hugh Howell Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 phone: 770.491.0228 includes current Staff members.

Deanna Doege
Email: deanna@mwchurch.com

Jacky Olivares
Ministry Assistant: Church Life
Email: jacky@mwchurch.com

Alicia October
Assistant to Lead Pastor/Starting Point Director
Email: alicia@mwchurch.com

Marvin Mathew
Creative/Communications Director
Email: marvin@mwchurch.com

Zack Leffew
Ministry Assistant: Worship
Email: zack@mwchurch.com

Ben Mathew
Production Director
Email: ben@mwchurch.com

Laron October
Operations and Outreach Pastor
Email: laron@mwchurch.com

Mannie Marte
Student Pastor
Email: mannie@mwchurch.com

Heather Lovejoy
Connections and Follow Up Ministry
Email: heather@mwchurch.com

Sabrina Orr
Nursery and Preschool
Email: sabrina@mwchurch.com

Mary-Ellen Kennedy
Email: bookkeeper@mwchurch.com

Toni Mink
Office Manager
Email: toni@mwchurch.com

Chesin Kuriakose
Pastoral Care and Small Groups Pastor
Email: chesin@mwchurch.com

Gary Robinson
Worship Arts Pastor
Email: gary@mwchurch.com

Michael Shreve
Lead Pastor
Email: michael@mwchurch.com

Mountain West Church, 4818 Hugh Howell Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

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